Authorization Only

During an authorization only transaction, the processor obtains approval from the customer's credit card issuer to reserve a certain amount of funds without actually processing the payment.


This action code allows you to capture the transaction at the same time you authorize it. Use this if you ship same day and there is no variation in amount.

Creating a Recurring Payment during initial sale

This action code can only be used in conjunction with the “captureToo” flag set to “yes.” allowing you to create a recurring transaction during the initial sale request. which will create a recurring payment when the initial payment is approved.


The captureOnly action code is to be used as a separate transaction after authorization only payment transaction is processed and successful.


The action adjust code allows you to adjust the amount on a previously authorized or captured transaction that has not yet settled.

The adjust message enables a merchant to modify a transaction amount and mark the transaction for settlement.

If the request includes neither a amount nor a tip, the system marks the transaction for settlement with no changes in the amount fields.

If the request includes a amount but no tip, the system marks the transaction for settlement with total amount as the Amount and the tip as zero.

If the request includes both a amount and a tip, the system changes the respective amount and marks the transaction for settlement.

If the transaction is already settled or otherwise not eligible for modification, EdgePay declines the request with the error message Modification not allowed.