AVS, or Address Verification Service, compares the card holder billing address information to the information on file at their issuing bank. This service presents the results based on the level of information provided. Typically, merchants use just the billing ZIP code to compare and decide due to variations of street addresses. EdgePay has 3 option for supporting AVS results. They are:

Decline on AVS Billing ZIP Mismatch

EdgePay will decline the payment request if the billing zip code on file does not match the billing zip code entered. We will also reverse the authorization if approved.

No Action on AVS information

EdgePay will take no action with respect to AVS result. It is up to your system to decide to Approve or Decline the transaction for the CardHolder. If you decide to decline the payment, the recommend you refund (reverse) the authorization if it was approved by the cardholder’s bank.

FMS Review

You can set up in the EdgePay Fraud Management Service to review all AVS mismatches. The Payment request will be processed, if approved, but the payments flagged will be displayed in the FMS Review Screen in the Processing Center and you can take action to accept/approve the payment or refund the Payment.