EdgePay exposes a list of interfaces, each of which may be used as a ‘stand-alone’ function or in combination to achieve a certain set of business objectives. Below is a list of each interface and the team’s original thoughts on its use. You may find other uses or benefits that can be applied. Please feel free to contact us to discuss other options and uses as we have constructed the system with great flexibility and are always open to discussing your specific business needs.


EdgePay API A set of RESTful interfaces to allow for sending in
Requests via HTTP 1.1 and receiving responses. The API supports all Payments, including ACH, Refunds of previous transactions, Recurring Payments, and Tokenization of Card or Check data.
EdgePay Pivot A Library and supporting utility that allows for the
exchange of Sensitive Credit Card data at the Consumer’s browser for API processing using a token in lieu of the Credit Card information.
EdgePay Hosted Pay Page A Payment function that routes the payment from your “Pay” button to our secure Hosted Payment page for inputting payment information, card or echeck. We handle all the processing and deliver a response to a page you design with a Redirect Post back for your server.
EdgePay Batch Pay A function within the Processing Center that allows
you to upload a batch of payments to process. Using a simple csv file, you can deliver payments, (Ex. Capture transactions for all those items you shipped today) and we are processing in bulk, delivering responses to you
back within the Processing Center reporting within minutes.
EdgePay Recurring Payment Manager Through the Processing Center you create Billing Plans that represent products or services oroffers. Then you attached Contracts and Customers to those Billing Plans
and we will bill the customers for you!
EdgePay Token Service Either through the Processing Center of via
our RESTful API we provide you the ability to input either Credit Card, Debit Card, or Checking Account information and we return you a 16-digit token you can safely store for making future payment requests.
EdgePay eCommerce Plug In’s Use one of our Plug-in’s with your eCommerce site to support payment processing. The plug-in works in conjunction with our Hosted Payment page and automates the features to simplify the start-up process.
EdgePay Fraud Management Service We provide you a tool set within our Processing Center to allow you to establish Static and Dynamic filters
to analyse payment transactions while they are happening. Transactions caught by the filter will be displayed for your review. Additionally, we have an Enhanced version that can identify a computer to allow you to filter based on this dimension for decisioning.