The Refund service is used to credit back a previously authorized or captured payment request. This service will check the status of the original item using the transaction ID.



  1. If the transaction is authorized but not captured it will reverse the authorization.
  2. If the transaction is captured but not yet settled it will void the capture.
  3. If the transaction is settled and the merchant has been paid a credit to the card holder is generated and processed.
  4. If the amount refunded is less than the original amount, then an adjustment is made if not settled, or a partial credit is given if settled.

A Refund can also be sent without a transactionID and offsetting payment. In order to allow, special configuration must be set on the merchant record. Because the refund is not tied to any transaction, a credit will be generated to the cardholder and no checking is performed.


The EdgePay Refund Response contains non-sensitive data that you use to validate the status of the request and confirm your next steps. See table below for the following response when using Refund Request:

Field NameMax Size AttributeNotes
Result1AA = Approved
D = Decline
R = Retry
C = Call for help
responseCode5AN[SEE TABLE HERE](>)
responseMessage225ANSEE TABLE
merchantID 19NECHO Back
terminalID19NECHO Back
processor10ANProcess ID
timestamp19DateYYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss (UTC Time)
transactionID19ANA transaction ID will be assigned to the requested refund
originalTransactionID18ANNew transactionID associated with this transaction


Authentication Header:

  • merchantKey = this is the API KEY :key: that is associated with your MID provided by GETTRX.
  • externalReferenceId = It is a unique record identifier. Combination of 123456 + UNIX timestamp Sample: 1234561687543122
  • transacationDate = Set to UTC timezone :clock2:
             Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS
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