With each payment response EdgePay delivers a result code. This code may be used to help define the next steps from a software development standpoint.

We have mapped hundreds of Response Codes from the issuers, card brands, and processors, representing a wide range of conditions, into 4 result codes. The current Response code table can be viewed here.

AWhen processing a response, 90% of the time you will receive the A0000 'Success' result. The accompanying result code is 'A'. For any result code of 'A' you would move forward with a workflow for an Approved Payment. We also provide both the Response code and Response message in every response.
DIf your result code is 'D'. For this condition we recommend your workflow displays the response message and provides the card holder with the opportunity to re-enter or change payment details.
CIf Result code is a 'C', this indicates a setup problem between you and us and we recommend you decline the payment from a workflow standpoint and call us so we can debug the issue and get you going again.
RIf the result code is 'R' this is an indication of a system error somewhere in the payment network. Under this condition we recommend you retry the payment request with the same externalReferenceID. If the previous payment request was processed successfully, we will respond with a "Duplicate Transaction". Consider using the approved workflow. If the ResultCode is another 'Retry' consider moving to a Decline workflow and call us for help.

Your service will also receive Declined responses. Declines may occur due to:

  • card holder insufficient funds
  • incorrect data entry (Card, eCheck, EXP, CVV2)
  • because the transaction request could not be processed.