The EdgePay Recurring Payment Manager (RPM) will automatically bill your customer for memberships, products or services on you Predetermined Payment Schedule. Using the Processing Center you can create those products or services, called a Billing Plan. Once created, you can use this API to add or change customers and their associated contracts. A customer can have more than 1 contract.

With Recurring Payment Manager (RPM), we can also provide notification services via email, account updater services for all cards, and specific reports on declined transactions or expiring contracts so you can manage your customers.

Billing Plans support billing cycles for weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or specific days (up to 60 Days interval available). You can also set up to auto-retry on declines on the 2nd and 5th day after the initiated failed attempt.

Customer history is maintained in Processing Center and available for your support team. Refund can be executed directly from the Processing Center.

The RPM request is constructed to support a JSON object using http protocol and the POST method.
Each customer add will consist of a single customer and 1 or more contracts. Contracts are nested using Brackets[] notation.


N O T E:

For testing set the following fields after selecting the "Try It" button

externalReferenceID = Unique record identifier for processing - you assign Numeric Min = 16 Max 19
transactionDate = Set to UTC Timezone


Link to UTC time =