This payment request allows the user to use API to add Contract and Customers to previously established Billing Program with the use of our Processing Center. As well as adding recurring payment during the initial payment request.

💡 Creating a Recurring Payment during initial sale

The action code makeRecurring can only be used in conjunction with the captureToo flag set to “yes" allowing you to create a recurring transaction during the initial Sale Request which will create a Recurring Payment when the initial payment is approved.

EdgePay has developed an RPM or known as Recurring Payment Manager (Click link for more information) capability to automatically bill your customer for memberships, products or services on your Predetermined Payment Schedule. Using this RPM, Once created, you can use this API to add or change customers and their associated contracts. A customer can have more than 1 contract.

"customerName":"Recurring Installment",
"eMailAddress":"[email protected]",
      "description":"Recurring Installment",


    "result": "A",
    "responseCode": "A0000",
    "responseMessage": "Successful",
    "merchantID": "888000002826",
    "terminalID": "88800000282601",
    "timestamp": "2023-07-21 00:30:31.556",
    "maskedAccountNumber": "411111******1111",
    "cardExpirationDate": "1127",
    "tokenID": "4888660511614277",
    "customerNumber": "1689899427",
    "securityResult": "A",
    "securityMessage": "APPROVED",
    "processor": "TSYS",
    "authCode": "TAS334",
    "avsResponse": "Zip Match(Z) : The nine character ZIP code submitted matches what is on file.",
    "commercialCard": "y",
    "avsCode": "Z",
    "transactionId": "CS56570809680841611",
    "recurringIDs": [
    "amount": "1.00"


Authentication Header:

  • merchantKey = this is the API KEY 🔑 that is associated with your MID provided by GETTRX.
  • externalReferenceId = It is a unique record identifier. Combination of 123456 + UNIX timestamp Sample: 1234561687543122
  • transacationDate = Set to UTC timezone 🕑
                 Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

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