The payment request body is constructed to support a JSON object using HTTP protocol and the POST method. Action Codes are used to expand the function as needed.

Payment Header

The payment header contains the private merchantKey, your externalReferenceID and transactionDate in UTC along with the URL and function.

There are a lot of ways you can make an HTTP request to the EdgePay API. You can make a raw HTTP request in your code or by using a tool like Postman.


All requests to EdgePay REST API are authenticated by passing a Merchant ID (MID), Terminal ID (TID), and Merchant Key.

Field NameSizeAttributeNotes
merchantKey48ANProvided by GET for production
externalReferenceId16 - 19NUnique record identifier for processing - you assign
transactionDate20calendarSet to UTC timezone


Account MID, TID, and Merchant Key

The account MID, TID, and Merchant Key are the master keys to your account. They can be found in your account in the EdgePay Processing Center. Merchant Keys are credentials created and revoke in the console.

POST/ Payment http
content-type: application/json
merchantKey: E3DFE3D0150EB516F4E351CE7FE5A2FB799B320BDC5D523B
externalReferenceID: 1234567890123456789
transactionDate: 2018-06-12T02:06:22
Cache-control: No-cache