The adjust action code allows you to adjust the amount on a previously authorized or captured transaction that has not yet settled.

The adjust message enables a merchant to modify a transaction amount and mark the transaction for settlement.


N O T E:

For testing set the following fields after selecting the "Try It" button

externalReferenceID = Unique record identifier for processing - you assign Numeric Min = 16 Max 19
transactionDate = Set to UTC Timezone


Link to UTC time =


If the request includes neither a amount nor a tip, the system marks the transaction for settlement with no changes in the amount fields.

If the request includes a amount but no tip, the system marks the transaction for settlement with total amount as the Amount and the tip as zero.

If the request includes both a amount and a tip, the system changes the respective amount and marks the transaction for settlement.

If the transaction is already settled or otherwise not eligible for modification, EdgePay declines the request with the error message Modification not allowed.


N O T E:

To test this feature run a test "captureToo" request. Remove the "Yes" in the captureToo field, this will result in a approved authorization only request. Use the Transaction ID from response when submitting the adjust request.

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