The EdgePay Payment Responses contain non-sensitive data that you use to validate the status of the transaction and confirm your next step in your software workflow. This may be updating your order status, building receipts or updating your customer’s browser. You may even be storing tokens for future payments.

The Payment Response header contains general HTTP standards that your server will be expecting for processing.

  "result": "A",
  "responseCode": "A0000",
  "responseMessage": "Success",
  "merchantID": "6320340123456900",
  "terminalID": "88800000282601",
  "timestamp": "2018-06-11 18:43:10",
  "securityResult": "A",
  "securityMessage": "APPROVED",
  "authCode": "TAS632",
  "Processor": "TSYS",
  "amount": "1.23",
  "maskedAccount": "401200*****5439",
  "cardExpirationDate": "1220",
  "tokenID": "4467177699570098",
  "customerNumber": "12345",
  "transactionID": "CS80075829370078570",
  "customerNumber": "51224",
  "avsResponse": "Exact Match (Y) the five-character zip code matches what is on file",
  "cvvResponse": "cvv2 verification successful",
  "commercialCard": "n",
  "avsCode": "Z"

The Payment Response supports a JSON encoded listing of fields below:

Field NameMax SizeAttributeNotes
result1AA = Approved
D = Decline
R = Retry
C = Call for help
You may use this field to drive your software workflow.
securityResult1AConditional -
A = Approved
D = Decline
R = Review
If the EdgePay Fraud Management Service is enabled FMS will return a result. Use the EdgePay Processing center to review potential security-related transactions.
authCode6ANConditional - Returned if provided from issuer and request includes Auth.
Processor10ANConditional - Returned if provided from issuer and request includes Auth.
responseCode5ANSEE TABLE
responseMessage225ANSEE TABLE
merchantId19NECHO Back
terminalID19NECHO Back
amount12NResponse to requested amount. If less than requested amount, then use partial approval flow.
currencyCode3NConditional ECHO BACK if included in request
maskedAccount16NMasked account data. Card: first 6, last 4 unmasked. eCheck: last 4 unmasked.
cardExpirationDate4NConditional returned if provided
tokenID16NConditional - Provided if requested
customerNumber17ANConditional - ECHO BACK
transactionID1919Unique Identifier assigned by EdgePay
avsResponse225ANConditional - provided for avsOnly or if card not present and billingZip provided.
cvvResponse225ANConditional - Provided for cvvOnly or if cvv2 field used. Match or mismatch.
commercialCard1A'Y' - commercial card
'N' - not a commercial card
timestamp19DateYYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss (UTC)
merchantField1200ANOptional - returned if provided
merchantField2200ANOptional - returned if provided